GalNAc Synthesis Services

Analytical & Lab Infrastructure

Chemveda offers custom GalNAc (N-Acetylglucosamine) synthesis services from milligram to kilogram quantities. Our GalNAc linker is specifically designed to have a high number of GalNAc units, which makes it ideal for novel drug delivery.

We offer a range of GalNAc products with linkers such as phosphoramidites, nucleotide phosphoramidates, and succinyl. We use an efficient synthesis method that requires minimal steps and delivers GalNAc linker with exceptional purities of >97% chemical purity and >98% chiral purity in a short period of time, by utilizing our state-of-the art analytical expertise and infrastructure:

  • SFC
  • MPLC
  • DAC

Our team is savvy with synthesizing α-anomer impurities at gram scale to meet your analytical and reference standard needs.

Types of Spacers
  • Poly-ethanediol
  • Amine linked with poly-ethanediol
  • Acid linked poly-ethanediol
  • Phosphate like poly-ethanediol
Types of Antennas
  • Hydroxy prolinol (mono)
  • Piperidine-4
  • 4-diyldimethanol (mono)
  • Gly-Lys
  • Lys-Lys (mono)
  • Nucleoside based (mono)
  • Tris, Trebler and Triacid based (tri)
Types of Linker
  • Phosphoramidites
  • Phosphoramidates
  • Succinyl

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