Custom Peptide Synthesis

Chemveda offers custom peptide synthesis services employing the chemical techniques, viz., solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS), Hybrid peptide synthesis (the combination of liquid phase and solid phase peptide synthesis) and peptoid synthesis.  Our services also include incorporation of unusual amino acids, unnatural, or specially derivatized amino acids into synthetic peptides. Our synthesis capability ranges up to 40 amino acids for difficult-to-synthesize peptides. As per the requirement, we provide the custom R & D peptides as trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) salts, acetate salts or hydrochloride salts. We have capabilities to provide custom peptides in scales from milligrams to gram scale. Based on the interest of customers, we supply peptides of varying purities ranging from >80%; HPLC purified peptides (>95%+ purity). Each synthetic peptide is delivered as a lyophilized white powder, with an analytical test report that comprises of all relevant analytical data (mass spectrometric details, reversed-phase UPLC-profiles). Additional analyses (e.g. presence of residual solvents, mainly ACN, TFA and water, stability determination) data are provided upon request.

Our expertise:

Employing Fmoc-based chemistry and automated peptide synthesizers, we develop optimized synthetic strategies and purification protocols to provide peptide sequences of high purity to discovery programs. Our chemists employ UV monitoring and Kaiser test to ensure the completion of each of the coupling reactions, double coupling and heating (if required) to maximize the over yield while minimizing impurity formation.  These efforts sometime, in turn, contribute to reduce the purification effort and get better yield of the peptide.

Our chemists have good expertise with the chemistry of coupling agents and this knowledge is employed to suppress the racemization during coupling.  

Our experienced chemists have years of experience in synthesizing peptides of varied amino acid sequences such as linear, branched, cyclic, miscellaneous, unnatural amino acids (UAAs). We are committed to providing our customers high-quality peptides that meet their specific needs.

Our peptide synthesis services include:

·     Incorporation of unusual or unnatural or specially derivatized amino acids into synthetic peptides. While we have expertise in incorporating commercially available unnatural amino acids such as the D-amino acids, homo-amino acids, b-homo-amino acids, N-methyl-amino acids, a-methyl-amino acids, into designed peptide sequences, we do synthesize unusual and unnatural amino acids and incorporate them into designed peptide sequences.

·     N-terminal modifications – this involves addition of linkers to the N-terminus of the peptide. The linkers can be used to conjugate the peptide to other biomolecules, such as antibodies or proteins.

·     C-terminal modifications: our peptide synthesis team has expertise to bring in the modifications such as amide (-CONH2), N-alkylamide (-CONHCH3 or -CONHEt), ester (-COOMe or Et) and any other required modification.

·     Cyclization of peptides

We have hands on experience with the following kinds of cyclization of peptides

o   Disulfide bond formation between cysteine residues (Cys-Cys cyclization)

o   Head-to-tail amide bond formation (Backbone-cyclization)

o   Ring-closing metathesis (stapling)

o   Amide bond formation between side chains or a side chain and the N- or C-terminal of the peptide.

o   Thioether peptide (thioether cyclization)

o   Triazole peptide

Types of peptides synthesized for our clients

·    Macrocyclic peptides

·    Peptoids

·    Poly Amino Acid Linker peptides

·    Staple Peptides (mono & double)

·    Linear Peptides

·    Lactam Peptides (followed by Thio Ether/Disulfide Bridge)

·    Triazole Peptides

·    Thioether peptides

·    Disulfide Peptides

·    Branched Peptides

·    Head and tail cyclization of PEG containing peptides

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