Custom ADC Linker Synthesis Services

Analytical & Lab Infrastructure

Chemveda offers a comprehensive range of ADC linker and payload synthesis services, including the synthesis of enzyme-cleavable and non-cleavable linkers or as per you tailored needs. Our discovery phase scale ranges from mg to Kg with high purity output.

Our Scientific Team is well Versed in Synthesizing ADC Linkers, Including Difficult-to-synthesize Molecules such as

Peptide Linker Synthesis
• Glucuronide linker Synthesis
• PEG Linker Synthesis
• Chelator Linker Synthesis
• GGFG and Glucuronide ADC linker Synthesis
• Maleimido-VA-PABC ADC Linker Synthesis
• Callyspongiolide Analogues and their ADC Linker Synthesis
• Spliceostatin Analogues and their ADC Linker Synthesis
• Peptide Linkers along with Click Partner Synthesis

In addition to our ADC linker and payload synthesis services, we also offer linker purification and characterization support. We have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your linkers are purified to the highest standards and characterized to meet your specific needs.

• Fully automated normal and reverse phase chromatography systems
• ELS and mass-directed prep HPLC detectors for the purification of UV-inactive compounds
• Lyophilisation for convenient isolation of purified material
• Multinuclear NMR for structure elucidation and stereochemistry determination experiments
• LC-MS for molecular mass (m/z) detection

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