Drug Discovery Services Analytical & Lab Infrastructure

Analytical & Lab Infrastructure

The analytical drug discovery team at Chemveda works towards ascertaining that the compounds to be delivered meet or exceed the required specifications. Our continuous investment in analytical infrastructure is done considering the aggressive growth of our chemical synthesis teams. Industry trained and experienced drug discovery services team ensures that the synthetic chemistry team does what they do the best and leave the rest to the analytical team. Also, this team works in a very close association with QA, and project management.

The project management aspect of this team helps in:
  • Compound collection, tracking and report generation
  • Close coordination with compound generation and shipment cycles
The QA aspect of this team helps in:
  • Final release of the shipments to the clients.
  • Reviewing of non-confirming outputs or deliverables
  • Review and authorization of certifcates of analyses
  • Review and approval of specifications, and method of analysis
  • Verification and approval of analytical instruments’ calibration schedules
  • Approval of analyst qualifications for major equipment like HPLC, LCMS, NMR, and GC, etc.

The team is experienced in handling wide variety of chemical entities viz. heterocycles, macrocycles, carbohydrates, nucleotides/nucleosides, natural products, peptides, etc.

We are equipped with separate process R&D and small-scale analytical chemistry capabilities to cater to the intricate differences in their respective requirements.

Analytical Infrastructure
  • NMR: Bruker NanoBay 400 MHz smart & dual-probe, SampleXpress (Auto Sampler)
  • LC-MS/MS: Agilent (Triple Quad) with front end UHPLC with PDA
  • LC-MS/MS: Shimadzu (Triple Quad) HPLC with PDA
  • LC-MS: Waters (Single Quad) with front end UPLC with PDA
  • LC-MS: Agilent (Single Quad) with front end HPLC with PDA and ELSD
  • LC-MS: Shimadzu (Single Quad) with front end UFLC with PDA
  • UHPLC: Agilent
  • HPLC: Agilent
  • HPLC: Shimadzu
  • Prep HPLC: Agilent
  • Prep HPLC: Shimadzu
  • GC: Agilent
  • Karl Fischer Titrator and Auto Titrator
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • UV Spectrophotometer: Agilent
  • Muffle Furnace (RoI)
  • pH Meter
Lab Infrastructure
  • Microwave: Biotage robo60 and Anton-Paar
  • Lyophilizers: Labconco and ScanVac
  • Combi-Flash: Buchi, Biotage & Teledyne
Structural Elucidation Capabilities
  • Structural elucidation of new chemical entities (NCEs) by mass spectrometry, NMR (1H, 13C, 19F, 11B, 15N), IR and UV
  • Visible spectrophotometry
  • MS, LC-MS
Purification Capabilities
  • Isolation, purification and characterization of compounds from milligrams to multi-grams by PDA, MS and ELSD
  • Chiral purification milligrams to multi-kilograms with prep-HPLC, and SFC (outsourced activity)
  • High throughput purification by PDA and MS-directed purification

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